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A Growing Partnership;Turkey and Uganda

Turkey and Uganda have had diplomatic relations since 1962, but it wasn't until the early 2000s that the relationship really began to blossom. Today, the two countries enjoy a strong partnership that includes cooperation in a wide range of areas, from trade and investment to security and education.

1-Trade and Investment

Trade and investment are a key area of cooperation between Turkey and Uganda. Turkey has invested heavily in Uganda's construction and infrastructure sectors, and Turkish companies have been involved in the construction of a number of major projects, including hospitals, roads, and bridges. In addition, the two countries have signed a number of agreements aimed at promoting trade and investment. These include a Bilateral Investment Treaty and a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement, which are designed to encourage investment and trade between the two countries.


Turkey has also been involved in Uganda's education sector, providing scholarships for Ugandan students to study in Turkey. This has helped to strengthen the ties between the two countries and has given Ugandan students the opportunity to receive a quality education. In addition, Turkey has opened a number of schools in Uganda under the auspices of the Turkish Maarif Foundation. These schools offer education at both

primary and secondary levels and aim to provide high-quality education to Ugandan students.

3-Security Cooperation

Turkey and Uganda have also cooperated on security issues. Turkey has provided military and police training to Ugandan security personnel, and the two countries have signed a number of agreements aimed at enhancing security cooperation. In addition, Turkey has provided support to Uganda in its efforts to combat terrorism. This has included providing equipment and training to Ugandan security forces and intelligence agencies.

4-Cultural Exchange

Finally, Turkey and Uganda have also engaged in cultural exchange programs. These programs have included exchanges of artists, musicians, and dancers, as well as the establishment of cultural centers in both countries. These cultural exchanges have helped to promote understanding and appreciation between the two countries and have strengthened the bonds of friendship between Turkey and Uganda.

In conclusion, the relationship between Turkey and Uganda is a strong and growing one, with cooperation in a wide range of areas. Trade and investment, education, security, and cultural exchange are just a few examples of the ways in which the two countries are working together to build a brighter future for their citizens.


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