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When It Rains In Uganda

The rain season in Uganda is a time when a lot changes with in the operations of business with in the country; there is always a debate on why the rain is too much with in Kampala and yet in the villages where it’s needed more for farming, it’s not raining. Kampala is always flooding due to the rain whenever it’s raining lately. This happens to even places that one wouldn’t expect for flood. Lately, it has been raining for hours and this ends up pausing on a lot of operations for those that can’t access their destinations during the course of the rain.

A case in point, it has been raining since morning up now and for the few that have managed to access their work places, it’s been a rough movement but on the other hand there are many that have stayed home hoping to have it reduce and then they can be on the move. For traders downtown are having less clients walk in due to the limitations of rain. Usually there is alot of jam after the rain since alot of people that are now on the move to their destinations.


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