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Building a Brighter Future: The Impact of Education on Uganda's Economy

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

February was a time for taking children to school, many of the school going children had a chance to go back to school to resume school especially at primary and secondary level. The system in Ugandan schools before was that you take the child to school weather day schooling or boarding schooling and you are free to pay the school fees in installments. Parents used to take their time and prioritize other issues but gone are those days, the new normal is that you pay all school dues before the child is allowed to enter class on the first day; this has greatly affected the economy due to the fact that most people in business and those final clients also have to limit on the movement of money so that students are taken back to school on time. The back to school period is one of those seasons that business is completely down and for the economy to recover, it takes over 30 days. For a trader, this is a season when they choose to close business or even sell it off because they are not able to liquidify their business.

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