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Embrace the Rhythm of Uganda: Celebrating Culture, Music, and Unity

Uganda is one of the most festive countries with in EastAfrican and Africa entirely, the night life of Uganda is one that is completely different from what any country neighboring it. Bars can operate till morning to a point of asking people to leave. The entertainment industry of Uganda is not only rich with talent but also growing every single day. There has always been a trend on parties being in Kampala but since we have had more innovation, there is a new trend of getting a destination outside Kampala to make this happen. The party has been pushed to outside the capital and it’s reality okay. Jinja has won the award of the best destination for not only tourists but also hosting the most of the outstanding 2-3 day events like the ongoing Vumbula Uganda event. This is a mainly youth based event that is meant to appreciate tourism in Uganda through what the youth want and understand best; partying. With 50,000ugx one was able to get a ticket to the destination and earn themselves a time that is worth.

I understand your concern maybe on the fact that most of the youth may not be able to afford cars to leave the city and it maybe costly to use the public transport but trust me, the planner of this event understood the assignment and went ahead to provide transportation buses at a rate that is close to free to make sure the party is parted. Where does this leave the economy of Uganda? Most of the key sectors are supported mainly the entertainment industry of Uganda, food sector, transport sector and the main which is the tourism sector.


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